Gratefully Received Words of Acknowledgment 

Have you ever wondered how you go about bridging the gap between the pictures you have in your heart for your life and how you currently see it playing out in your day-to-day existence?  Consider spending some time getting to know your true passions in life, and you will see the magic of alignment at work.  The Passion Test™ is a remarkable tool to aid you in making your days a truer reflection of you, of your gifts, of what you came here to do.  I am inspired and energized by what I learned about myself as I was guided through the process by Linda in her incredibly wise, intuitive, compassionate and caring way.  I am also totally tickled with the test itself -- it is one of the most deceptively simple, yet utterly profound exercises of self-reflection I have ever come across, and I look forward to the impact it will continue to have on my life.

~ Patricia Willms, Victoria, British Columbia

I love attending any session or workshop hosted by Linda. Not only are they fun and dynamic, but she has an uncanny ability to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. It is amazing to share and witness such awakenings, awareness and knowledge unfold amongst groups of practical strangers.  She absolutely creates an environment for and is the vehicle for self-growth and love.

I trust Linda implicitly to help discover and release the source of any discomfort within me.  She clearly sees and gently guides my higher self to realize and allow solutions to come.

I find Linda's guidance and advice so simple, so practical, so profound. Her approach and guidance is a rare and special find.

~ Michelena Bamford, Business Owner, Rocky Mountain Wreaths, Calgary, Alberta

I had put so many blocks up in my mind and heart that I wasn't even certain of what I wanted or how I felt when Linda became my Dream Coach. Linda's gentle and intuitive guidance helped me peel back the layers to re-discover my true heart. Her insights, encouragement and feedback were invaluable throughout this program. Linda is a genuine spirit with a beautiful gift of being able to see beyond the words. I am so thankful to have worked with her.

~ J Sutherland, Edmonton, Alberta


Linda is such a natural at coaching people. Her big heart combined with a great sense of humor made me feel very safe going through the process of exploring my passions. It was really one of the most effective coaching sessions I have ever experienced. I highly recommend Linda to anyone interested in uncovering a richer, more meaningful life.

~ Sandy C., Medical Transcriptionist, Calgary, Alberta


Linda's workshop 'Building A Spiritual Practice' gently guided me towards understanding the importance of honoring my spirit, my heart, and the little girl inside me. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to use spirit and heart to connect with yourself - a wonderful way to live life!

~ Irene Winter, Photographer, Studio i Photography, Calgary, Alberta

I had the pleasure of meeting Linda at a coaching seminar; the seminar was a very intense training. Linda and I became "work" partners and then friends. Linda has such a strong ability to listen to another person; when say I listen I mean she hears what is being said and not being said. Linda's way of connecting with others is very unique. Her personal style, and her passion for life transcends with all she does and who she is.

Linda is a professional in her in her work and makes everyone around her stronger through her knowledge and guidance. I treasure my friendship with Linda, I am a better person through knowing her and I am grateful for her.

~ Donna L Palmer, Certified Dream Coach,  Burlingame, California

You are amazing – truly educator, an author and a visionary. Thank you.

~ Dayla Maisey, Author and Speaker, Calgary, Alberta


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Passion Test Testimonials

What a gift to be nudged awake and inspired into action by something like the Passion Test. I am in awe of the power of this process which reacquaints you with the most integral parts of yourself, reminding you of who you are and what really sets your heart afire in this life.

PRW, Lethbridge, AB

It (the Passion Test) was really one of the most effective coaching sessions I have ever experienced.

S. Calverley, Calgary, AB

The Passion Test is a remarkable tool to aid in making your days a truer reflection of you, of your gifts, of what you came here to do.

Patricia, Victoria, BC