One-On-One Passion Test™

Is it your time to get clear and certain about a meaningful life direction?

This is the power of the Passion Test™.

Features of a one-on-one Passion Test™

  • You receive all the information and experiences as outlined on the main Passion Test page.


  • Two 1½ hour personalized sessions either in person, or by phone/Skype
  • Experienced guidance through the process by a certified facilitator, Linda Kiernan
  • You will receive additional information about how to get out of your own way by learning a powerful process that shows you how to examine your limiting thoughts, beliefs and concepts. Apply this process to every area of your life!

You will receive clarity and focus to move your life ahead one meaningful step at a time.


One-On-One Passion Test

$ 329.00 CAD

Are you ready to live a life of clarity, focus and passion?

Purchase a Passion Test today!


Happiness arises spontaneously when you love the process of living your passions.

- The Passion Test

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