What is a dream? Simply, a dream is something that matters to you.

No dream is too big or too small.

If it matters to you, say "YES" to your dreams! 

Dream Coaches help people find their life's purpose, ignite their passion, clarify their dreams, remove obstacles, take action and produce results. 


The Life Empowering Steps of the Dream Coach Process:

1. Set an Intention - This the first and one of the most essential steps in the process. Set an intention such as finding a new job or career, or getting a promotion.

2. Maintain Integrity - This supports you to remove or clear up anything from your past that might be in the way of you having what you want. 

3. Live on Purpose - Dreams without purpose, even a job without aligning to your purpose, can be unfulfilling.

4. Access Your Dreamer - There is the part of you that know what will make you happy and what you want. Uncover this and get extremely clear about what you want.

5. Learn from Your Doubter - Create a powerful relationship with the doubter inside of you, and learn from the lessons this part of you offers. Left unattended, this often sabotages our dreams and does not need to happen.

6. Believe in Your Dreams - If you don't believe in yourself or your dream, no one else will either. Creating a solid foundation is a life-changing step.

7. Failure Can Lead to Success - Identify your Achilles heel and design daily practices to overcome obstacles.

8. Take Serious Steps Forward - Plan the essential steps to insure that your dreams come true and then put those steps into action.

9. Build Your Dream Team - Being able to ask for help will make your dream more attainable. There are resources that can open doors and make your life easier.

10. Live as a Dreamer - Create a dream come true life. Once you are clear about your purpose, dreams and resources, you can look at all the areas of your life and decide what you want. 

When you hire a Certified Dream Coach you get:

  • 12 personalized sessions of professional guidance.
  • Email support between sessions. 
  • Your own Dream Coach Workbook to record your passions, discoveries and breakthroughs.

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Certified Dream Coaching

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