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Posted by Linda Kiernan on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Under: New Year Resolutions
A new year and a new start with new energy. Do you want this to be the year you start strong and stay strong? Here is the secret step that you can take today...

I stumbled across this secret step to Starting Strong in 2014 on an evening when the wind was cold, the snow was blowing and it seemed like the world was very quiet. It was the kind of night that beckoned me into my office to write.

For days I had the feeling that this next year was going to be significant for me, for you and perhaps all of humanity. The energy of 2014 seems more pure and untainted by the past than previous years. A good sign we've been doing our work.

As I lent thought to what I wanted in 2014 and tried to write, the words just wouldn't come.

What went through my mind was, "No more!" No more holding on to the belief that I was less than, not good enough or needed to fix myself.

Rather, what came was the deep and profound honouring of who I already am.

The secret step to Starting Strong in 2014 is to know you already are strong. Did you ever notice that new years resolutions traditionally have elements of "lack" in them: this is where I fall short, this is what I haven't yet accomplished or, once again, I'm going commit to decreasing my weight and increasing my bank account! I admit that clarity about what you want is key to getting it and that will be discussed later, but when we start creating from a deficit we put ourselves in a position of weakness.

Who wants to start there? Not me. Not any more.

So I began my new years resolutions, if you want to call them that, by reviewing 2013 and making a mighty list of my personal wins. I recorded a treasure chest of insights I realized, wisdom I gained and things I accomplished in 2013.

The energy and the feeling in my body that emerged from this process was soulfully delicious. I felt fulfilled, empowered and strong. This is the energy with which I will start 2014. How about you?

In the next newsletter I'll share a fun way to create your intentions for 2014. It will help give the logical mind a rest and activate your divine imagination.
Happy New Years to all you Beautiful Souls.
May you know you are blessed every second of every day.

If you would like support to Start Strong in 2014, contact me.

Invitation for Action

Create your own list of personal wins for 2013. If you have time today, it's an honouring and energy igniting way to bid farewell to this year. Give yourself permission to do this now, or any time in the new year. Trust that your timing will be perfect!

Tip: When I want to do something like this and worry about not being able to fit it in, I set a timer for 20 minutes and let go of all the things I "should" be doing. I have yet to regret setting aside the time to write.

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