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Posted by Linda Kiernan on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Under: Release what doesn't work

It's one thing to Start Strong in 2014, but how do we finish strong?
One key is to consistently pay attention to our lives, being conscious of what we do want AND being conscious of what we don’t want.
In fact, saying NO to some things is part of the emotional decluttering process that frees up our energy to lend focus and strength to the new.
Are you tired of telling the same old stories around the same old issues? We often keep repeating patterns until we are ready to transcend them. These patters usually fall into three camps: relationship with others, relationship self and relationship with our environment.
On one hand, it may not be time to transcend the pattern. This is because we have more experiences to gain and more to learn before we gather enough energy to make the transcendent leap. Be gentle and patient.
On the other hand, the readiness is there and waiting.
How does this leap happen? Sometimes, external factors force us into motion: we get laid off, the stock market crashes, we get a scary diagnosis, death of a loved one or a partner moves out.
All of these things are initiations, calling us forward to new realizations and a deeper relationship with ourself. These kinds of external initiations are effective, but no doubt tough.
Other times, we are ready to transcend patterns, but we have fallen into unconscious comfort with what is no longer true or working for us. We walk through life as though hypnotized by familiarity and what seems good enough. A piece of our heart asleep.
In these situations, we must rely on our internal awareness and resolve that gives us enough energetic juice to make the transcendent leap.
In such cases, it’s helpful to call on the energy of NO MORE.
Reflect for a minute. Are there patterns in your life that are feeling more and more uncomfortable, things that don't fit, things you no longer want to define you, or things that bring you down?
I know I’m ready for change when I have thoughts like, “Really? Am I still believing/doing this? It seems a bit ridiculous,” or “I can’t stand thinking/doing this ANYMORE!” or “I just, pointblank, don’t want this situation in my life.”
If any of this rings true for you, you may want to invoke the energy of NO MORE.
What is it for you? What is the one thing that comes back to you year after year; the one thing that seems to be a reoccurring challenge? Pick one thing in your life that has been showing up like Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day experience. Everyday, there it is again. Pick one thing you simply want to be done with.
Bring it to mind and with all your might declare NO MORE.
Claim it. Claim you are done with it. Then, jazz it up with come powerful I AM statements.
"This is my year to be absolutely done with ___________________. I am the creator of me, and this year I am creating a new reality. And so it is."
I’ll share one of mine. It is broad, but very meaningful.
"This year I am absolutely done with being at war with myself. I am the creator of me and I am powerful, beautiful, wise, intelligent and hot-dang sexy. And so it is."

As soon as the energy of your declaration is bigger than
the energy that kept this pattern in place,

things will begin to change.
If you would like help building your energy for your 2014 New Year's ReSOULution, contact me to chat about support.

The reason why the subject line of this email stated, “Extra Support Today,” is because we are experiencing a full moon. This phase of the moon is particularly supportive for releasing patterns. It has a drawing up and out quality to it. Think of what the full moon does to the tides. We are made of 80% water. Water holds vibration and consciousness – some supportive and some not. Allow the full moon to enhance the NO MORE process. And just to add, an outdoor burning ceremony rocks! If today is too busy, keep in mind this energy is present three days before and three days after the official full moon.

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