Don't You Need a Lot of Money to Live Your Dreams?

Posted by Linda Kiernan on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 Under: Living the Dream Foundation
While leading a group workshop about passions and dreams, a man came in and sat right in the front, as close to me as possible. I noticed he had lots of nervous energy as he shifted and squirmed in his chair. His eye was on me and as soon as the workshop started, his hand shot up and he asked, "Don't you need a lot of money to live your dreams?"

Ah, what a fabulous question and I trust he spoke for many when he inquired about the money thing. I know I too have thought about how I could knock a few dreams off my list if only I had more money - traveling the world, writing a book, the second home in the mountains, the third home in Costa Rica.

These are big, high-level dreams that are fun to muse over and definitely do play a part in the dream blueprint for life, but often they seem too out of reach. They are too many rungs up on the ladder for us to feel like we can reach them while living our current reality. How do I save for a dream property while I'm throwing money at that big-old line of credit, right? We often become paralyzed at taking any steps at all toward living our dreams, or worse yet, we start to build negative feelings.

Please hear this. We can all live a life where we design a dream blueprint and live them. Here is a definition that can get us all in the dreaming building process today.

A dream is something you want to be, do or have.
Simple. Simple, but powerful.
So powerful, it can change your life.

Where is the starting point for a building a dream life? It's right where you are today. When you start looking at your current reality as an opportunity to create dreams, it changes everything. Take my line of credit. It was that dreaded thing I had to pay-off before I could start living my dreams, my real dreams. It left me feeling stuck and resentful. Then one day, the epiphany hit that it was my dream to pay-off the line of credit. Oddly, I became more and more enthusiastic and excited about the prospect. After I had this realization, more of the work I love to do started to come my way. My payments became bigger than they were before. It's like I became a gravitational force for more money to put toward this debt. I felt so good about begin responsible, taking action and getting results.

Consider your current reality. What, in this present moment, would you like to be better? What is the present moment dream? Maybe your dream is to have more peace in your heart or joy in your life? Maybe it's to feel more energetic? Maybe it's to have more time in your day to do things you love? Whatever you feel is lacking in your life, make that your current dream and see what happens.

You can start Living the Dream today.

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