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Linda is a life coach, workshop facilitator, author and courageous explorer of the inner frontier.

Known for her gentle, yet strong heart-centered approach, she helps people get clear about what they truly want, and then explore solutions to move beyond perceived limitations and beliefs, allowing space for new possibilities to emerge. She has been witness to the realization and fulfillment of many passions and dreams.

Linda is a Certified Dream Coach™, Passion Test Facilitator™ and hypnotist. She holds a BA in Sociology, with a minor in Communications.

She offers workshops and private sessions via phone, Skype and in person.

Clients say they appreciate her ability to understand what is being communicated beyond the words, as well as her insight, compassion and humour.

She lives in Canada, in the beautiful city of Calgary. She enjoys healthy living, music and mountain adventures. She is lovingly surrounded by her two children, husband and much adored cat and dog.

I had put so many blocks up in my mind and heart that I wasn't even certain of what I wanted or how I felt when Linda became my Dream Coach. Linda's gentle and intuitive guidance helped me peel back the layers to re-discover my true heart. Her insights, encouragement and feedback were invaluable throughout this program. Linda is a genuine spirit with a beautiful gift of being able to see beyond the words. I am so thankful to have worked with her.

~ J Sutherland, Edmonton, Alberta

Linda talks about the Passion Test:

In October of 2010, I was personally trained and certified by co-creator and author of the Passion Test, Janet Bray Attwood.

As I took the Passion Test myself, I experienced a notable shift in my perspective toward life. What really mattered to me was illuminated in a way I hadn't experienced before. I knew with certainty what I wanted. To my surprise, some of the things that I thought were important before taking the test didn't score as high on my passion list. This clarity brought me both focus and direction, as well as greater peace and ease.

Since then, I've been taking individuals and groups through the Passion Test process. Each outcome as unique as each person. Participants have said the results range from affirming to eye-opening to profoundly life shifting.

I see such value in this work.